This book was enjoyable to read.  A lot of humour and information on Canadians as seen through the eyes of this Canadian writer.  He truly inhales Canada with his stories on his country.  Filled with facts, humor with eccentricities of Canada.


I totally enjoyed reading The Great Canadian Notebook, written by Dennis Rimmer.  The book invites you to pick it up with a cup of tea, and, when you put it down, it waits patiently until your next sit-down to be picked up again.  I am sure it has found its way into Canadian bathrooms, another place requiring recurring visits.

I believe Dennis Rimmer worked in American broadcasting and felt responsible to share his love of Canada through short but impressive snippets, that leave you wanting to ask a question.  Often, I went to Google for more information.  Dennis' goal wasn't to fully cover a topic, but rather to inform the reader that Canadians have offered a great deal to the world.

Lucky Elephant Pink Candy Popcorn was part of my childhoopd, but I had no idea it was Canadian.  Hawkins Cheezies were made in Belleville, Ontario, and Dennis tells us that Hawkins has produced them for over 50 years.  I can cofirm this because my husband and I used to eat them with grape pop back in 1966.  We loved the yummy purple and orange goodness.  If colourful foods are healthy, were we having a nutritious snack?

Dennis Rimmer shares thoughts about some of our best Canadian authors.  He talks about prohibition, and also about rum.  He tells us about pablum, insulin, newspapers and UFOs. There is a personal, romantic secret on one page, but you will have to find that on your own.  Dennis shares a story about his wife, Diane, and why she moved from the Instructional Television Department at the University of Saskatchewan to CFQC, where she was the only woman working with 13 men.  Times were different, in so many ways.

When you read The Great Canadian Notebook you will notice little pieces of Canadian history, like "On November 29, 1974 an aircraft is highjacked over Saskatchewan.  It is recovered in Saskatoon."  Yes, you will likely Google that!  I think of these facts as little random prompts to "go read about it!"

This is a simple, fun book that is welcome on my book shelves, and I will revisit it from time to time.


I bought a copy of your book yesterday and read well over half of it before the Grey Cup game.  it is an excellent read with tons of great information for history buffs.  I could imagine you reading the book out loud.

For sure I will be giving the book a plug this weekend.  It is a perfect Christmas gift and should be required reading for all high school students.